06 January 2017


Every year starts off, usually, with a hangover! Unless you’re the boring types *rolls eyes*


Then the devil himself sits on your shoulder making you feel miserable and petrified about the sins you committed last night. We all go through that! But you kick the devil in the butt and tell yourself, “This year is going to be amazing. New year new me!” And if you’re the overenthusiastic type, add 18 more exclamation marks to that. The bottom line is, every year you make some life changing resolutions that will transform you to the bones.


A week later, is a different story altogether. You’re probably on your couch Netflixing Gossip Girl and munching that cheese burger you love so much. I personally prefer leftover pizza, just sayin’.


There are many out there who sign up for a gym membership in the first week of January. They workout every single day. They flex their muscle everytime they pass by a reflecting surface and adore their transformed, ripped bodies. Somewhere around 13th January they’re busy attending meetings… at McDonalds. That’s the saddest part. If you’re one of them, or actually want to get fitter and healthier in 2017, I have few tips for you:


1. Determine your readiness: It’s not mandatory to join a gym in the very first week of the year. Take a week. Take a month! What’s important is that you are physically and mentally prepared for it. Getting a good body takes a lot of hardwork and a lot of patience. Give yourself time. Accept the fact that you’re not gonna become Adriana Lima in one week! Once you’re ready for the battle, there’s no looking back.


2. Create a plan: You’ll have to put in substantial amount of thought into this. This part broadly addresses three things. First, decide when you’ll work out. What time of the day is most convenient and will ensure least probability of you skipping that day. Second, what will you do? Obviously you’ll have to start light, but figure out whether you’ll be hitting the gym or you wanna do yoga. Probably something more adventurous like parkour or calisthenics! (We highly recommend strength training/weight lifting). And finally, how much time will you give it. At the gym, 45 mins is the most perfect routine time but you can start with less. Although give it 20-30 mins at least.


3. Get a friend along: The best way to remain motivated is to do it with someone. Find that friend or coworker and ask if you can join her. It would be hard to overestimate the value of a good training partner. Having to meet someone at the gym keeps you accountable, increases the likelihood that you’ll show up, and you motivate each other, push each other, and teach each other.


4. Be practical: You need to set goals. The only way to be successful is by setting goals and putting in your everything to achieve them. The caveat is most people set unrealistic goals. As I mentioned earlier you’re not getting Adriana Lima -esque body in a week. So make sure your goals are achievable and realistic. Failing to do so, you’ll get disappointed with yourself and remain a potato all your life (this is from personal experience).


5. Make health your priority: If a healthy you is your utmost priority, your sub-conscience will automatically make efforts to get you there. The tough part here? Well, pizza will always taste better than green tea and it’s always easier to lie on your couch munching on chips instead of hitting the gym and pumping iron. Once you embrace these barriers in your head, everything else will be taken care of.



It’s 2017. There's no messing around this year - it’s time to up your game. Become that hot diva you’ve always wanted to be before Donald Trump rips the world apart.