How to lose weight after Diwali?

31 October 2016


“OMG! Diwali is in two days and you know I have a sweet tooth, which is why this is my favorite festival.”


“But, hey, that’s gonna mess up your diet! All these months you’ve worked your ass off at the gym. It’ll all go for a toss.”


“IKR! I don’t know what to do, this is actually depressing.”


"Just stay strong. Isn’t that all this is about. Staying positive and continuing with your efforts towards achieving your dream body. You weigh the odds you’ll have an answer…”


Many of you have had this conversation with your BFF, who wants to help you stay in shape. You weigh the odds and decide that you’ll stick to your routine.


Come Diwali and it’s not even a couple of hours into the day, you’re already on your third pack of some exotic Bengali sweets or those colorful, funky looking sweets.You know this is the end! By the end of the day you’ll have ruined your metabolism to quite an extent and starting tomorrow you’re going to repent it.Fret not. If you fell prey to those nasty little sweets, it’s not the end of the world. We got you covered!


Here’s what you can do:


1. Grandma’s recipe for weight loss: Every morning, make sure you have honey and lemon in lukewarm water. This, albeit a slow process, is the surest way of winning the war against fat.


2. Cut down the size of your meal: Portion control is the way to go. Your breakfast should be heavy but your lunch and dinner should be trimmed down. Use a bowl for measurement and make sure your meals are confined to the amount of food that fits in it.


3. Green Tea: The elixir for weight loss! Green tea has zero calories and full of antioxidants. Coffee and tea both are good but whatever your poison is, just stop. Have green tea multiple times a day instead. This will pump up your metabolism and help you shed off those extra pounds faster.


4. Workout: This single most important thing to support your weight loss regimen is regular workout. Quickly get back to your routine. If you haven’t worked out in a while, start with brisk walks every morning and body-weight exercises like push ups and squats.


5. More juices: Since you’ve decided to cut down your meals, fill those cravings with fresh juices. Avoid packaged juices because they’re full of sugar and preservatives and are only going to add to your woes.


6. Go nuts: That’s right! You’ll have cravings between meals, which is when you resort to nuts. These are filled with proteins and healthy fats. Every type of nut has its own benefits. So get an assortment of nuts and start munching.


7. Avoid junk food: This goes without saying. Avoid everything junk, everything that’s fried or packaged. Stick to homemade food.